What is Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro Cold Brew coffee is the future of iced coffee!

Previously, to make iced coffee, you had to make a hot coffee first, then cool it off somehow to make it cold. So you can either pour hot coffee onto a bunch of ice; but the result is lukewarm water-coffee that is sub par. Or, you can stick hot coffee in the fridge until it is cold which consumes a lot of electricity and still has that burned coffee taste.

Furthermore, when you make a hot coffee, the scalding water is burning off the natural coffee oils  in the grounds. While that makes it smell great when it brews, it leaves your coffee tasting acidic, bitter, and often upsets people’s stomachs. Enter Cold Brew:

Cold Brew coffee is steeped overnight in a cold kettle. By soaking the beans instead of cooking them, you can retain all of those delicious oils and flavor IN your coffee, which gives you a much bolder and more robust flavored coffee that needs much less cream and sugar. If you are lactose intolerant, this is great because now you can have a coffee that doesn’t need cream!

After we make cold brew coffee, then comes the Nitrogen. We keg the cold brew and run it on tap, just like a beer. The kegs get pressurized with nitrogen which infuses into the coffee and gives the cold brew a creamy, “guinness-like” coffee experience that will give you a caffeine boost like no other. Oh did we mention there is a LOT more caffeine in Cold Brew than regular coffee?

Nitro Coffee Products are as versitile as any espresso product. The array of types of espresso drinks you can make can also be done with Nitro Coffee products, come by the truck and see for yourself!